About Us

Founded in 1998, Mugigae's inspiration derives from the latest Korean Ladies Fashion runway trends.

Mugigae - pronounced as 'Mu-g-gay" is Korean for Rainbow. The label brings with it the hopes and colours of the Rainbow, and aims to target the modern ladies with a wide selection of chic corporate executive wear, suitable for boardroom meetings and after-office get-togethers!

Since then , Mugigae's vision is to bring colours to every lady’s wardrobe, empowering them and beautifying them.

With attention to delicate details, workmanship and an exquisite choice of fabric, Mugigae offers a selection of Korean Executive wear that is comfortable yet stylish.

Currently we are available in 5 countries - Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Milan, Shanghai and in 4 outlets in Singapore. Our Korean fashion online store also offer the latest office wear selection inspired by the latest Korean fashion runways and styles for the convenience of our customers.

Visit us at any of our stores or at www.mugigae.com or simply interact with us at our page, and we will be happy to serve you.